Most of my tunes are inspired by memories of my past life in Ireland. But if you don't believe in reincarnation, you are free to take it all as imagination. Anyway, some of the tunes are just Celtic and not specifically based on my past life.

Elizabeth's Eyes

This song is inspired in the eyes of the beautiful woman I married in a previous incarnation. It was one of the few persons I recall that had “love in her eyes”. But beyond her eyes, this tune is based on her inner beauty.

Instruments used:

Celtic Harp solo.

Elizabeth, by Ana María Gregorio.
Elizabeth, by Ana María Gregorio.
Click to see the whole painting.

Jig of the Working Gnomes

Illustration of a Leprechaun, by Jean-noël Lafargue.

It's well known that Irish folklore includes gnomes and fairies. While listening at this theme imagine forest gnomes working and dancing, sometimes closely watched by the gnome king.

Instruments used:

Harpsichord solo.

Missing Ireland

This theme expresses the homesickness of an emigrant. Since I believe I lived in a past life in Ireland, I've also felt that nostalgia, even though that wasn't my only incarnation. I just look at Ireland's landscapes and I feel that's “home”.

Although sad, this tune contains the strength of the hopes of returning someday and the message that although we're physically very far, the land one loves still remains after all, in our memory and heart.

Instruments used:

Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Bassoon, Cello, Clarinets, Concert Harp, Fiddles, Flute, Oboes, Penny Whistle, Orchestral Percussion, Piccolos and Strings.

Rainbow in County Wicklow, Ireland by Jason Sturner.

Click here to watch a video with a full low quality version of this theme on a slideshow of Irish landscapes.

Exploring the Forest

Irish deer park.
As the title says it, this theme transmits the feeling of walking through a beautiful, ancient and mysterious Irish forest. Who knows what you can find in it?

Instruments used:

Bodhran, Fiddle, First Violins, Celtic Harp, Low whistle, Penny whistle, Tambourine and Uillean Pipe.

Consoling Sunrise

Did you ever feel sad for the terminal illness of a loved one and found out Nature's landscapes comfort you? This theme is inspired in one of the scenes I remember of my previous incarnation.

Instruments used:

Cello, Fiddle, Grand Piano, Penny Whistle, Piccolo, Pizzicato Strings and Strings.

Sunrise over the Irish Sea from Newcastle, Co. Wicklow by Matt and Kim Rudge.

Dance of the Bonfire

This theme actually occurred to me while I was in the cinema watching the scene of Dancing with Wolves where John Dunbar was dancing around the fire.

Maybe you remember that scene had music; but it made me think of a totally different tune inspired in a bonfire and primitive people dancing around it in a different place. I imagined if that scene happened in Ireland with members of an ancient Celtic tribe dancing around the fire. There's actually a Celtic celebration, Beltane, where people dance and light bonfires.

Imagine the oldest man of the tribe represented by the accordion parts, dancing around the bonfire. And the strongest guy of the tribe, maybe the best warrior, appearing in the fiddle parts, showing off.

Instruments used:

BB Accordion, Three Fiddles, Penny Whistle, Percussion, Recorder, Steel Guitar and Strings.

Brave and Jolly Warriors

This theme was inspired at the beginning in the fight of the Irish for their freedom from British occupation. But it's also a comparison between war and peace.

It could also be a tune based on the clash between Romans (the march) and Celts (the middle dance part).

Instruments used:

Fifes, French Horns, Glockenspiel, Celtic Harp, Grand Piano, Percussion, Strings, Timpani, Trombones, Trumpets and Tuba.

Strolling on the Beach

Beach at the Dingle peninsula.

This song is inspired by the beaches of the Emerald Isle, but also in memory of that girl I loved. Both were walking along the sea at the foot of a cliff. She was upset with me for some reason and I followed her, trying to calm her.

Regardless of those memories, this tune makes me think sometimes of a little girl playing on the beach.

Instruments used:

Flute, Celtic Harp, Oboe and Piccolo.

The Knight Returns to his Castle

I've listened at classical and baroque music a lot during my childhood. This theme really occurred to me when I was eight years old, while playing my recorder. At the time my dad jokingly told me I had created an Irish tune. But in the end it was no joke. As I lived in a castle in my previous incarnation in 19th century Ireland, this theme is very well related with the memory of the times when I came back home.

Although I wasn't a medieval knight, but a 19th century musician, at that time and place, stories with knights were common (e.g. Arthurian ones).

So while listening at this tune, imagine a medieval knight coming home riding his horse while being greeted by the people.

Instruments used:

French Horns, Harpsichord, Percussion, Piccolos, Strings, Timpani and Trumpets.

Malahide Castle, similar to the one I remember.

Sweet Love of Mine

This theme is inspired in Elizabeth's sweet personality and her story.

Instruments used:

Celtic Harp solo.

Jig of the Juggler

In the old days people didn't have as much entertainment options as now. This tune is dedicated to those jugglers and tumblers of ancient times that animated all people when they entered a city or hamlet.

Instruments used:

Bodhrán, Celtic Harp and Penny Whistle.

The Clan Tynker, photograph by Alaskan Dude.

Sailing at the Lake

Inspired in the beautiful lakes of Ireland.

Instruments used:

Clarinet, Flutes, Gothic Harp, Oboes, Piccolo and Strings.

Wedding Waltz

Inspired in the happy day of my marriage with Elizabeth.

Instruments used:

1st. and 2nd. Violins, Accordion, Banjo, Bass Pizzicato, Two Fiddles, Celtic Harp, Penny Whistle.

Watching the Snow Fall

Castlewellan forest park by Ryan McDonald.

Ireland has its snowfalls sometimes and this tune is inspired in the look and feel of Ireland in winter. Quiet, cold, tough, but so beautiful!

Instruments used:

French Horns, Flutes, Celtic Harp, Strings, Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinets.


Memories of Ireland has been recorded entirely in the digital domain, by using Harmony Assistant, VSTHost, FreeverbToo and G-Player (links open in a new window).

Sample libraries used

  • Advanced Orchestra by Peter Siedlaczek.
  • Big Fish Celtic Instruments.
  • Giga Harp by Garritan.
  • Hans Zimmer Guitars Vol II.
  • Kontakt 2 Instruments Library.
  • Steinway Grand Piano sampled by the University of Iowa.
  • Westgate Modular Flutes.
  • World Traveler by Sonic Reality.
  • Other free sampled instruments I found on the web, including a wonderful Celtic Harp by Jason Sommerlad.

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